We have been learning all about Ancient Egypt in class.

Tell me some things that you remember learning in our topic.

Use the video to help you remember some important facts too.

Remember to write well constructed sentences using capital letters and punctuation marks in the correct places. Use a dictionary to help with your spelling.

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  1. Misha Harris said:

    You all know that tutakham un s body was found in 1922 well its actually called the (curse of tutakham un ) because there been many mysterious deaths at the opening s you better not visit him

  2. delina1 said:

    We have been learning about ancient Egypt. We have learnt the process of mummification.

  3. Sienna Vazquez Armoa said:

    The pryramid of Giza was the biggest pryramid of all of the pryramid

  4. Misha Harris said:

    When we mention Egypt three images come to mind
    Dessert, pyramids and that long impressive river the river Nile.

  5. hadrian1 said:

    The Ancient Egyptians believe if they took there slaves and pets they will come with then in the afterlife.The Egyptians cizilasation was split in five groups .At the top was the Pharaohs.Most Pharaoh were boys but some way girls like Nefertiti and Cleopatra.Under the Pharaohs were the Priests.The Priests wore the mask of Anubuis during mumification seremories.After the Priest are the Sribes.The sribes talent is knowing how to write. The last two were the pesents and slaves.

  6. nicolas1 said:

    The word hieroglyphics comes from the greek words hiero and glyphic.

  7. pilar1 said:


  8. Cristina Mollo said:

    I think the pyradms are the moust think important for acient egipth
    . and waching this video I learn lot ov think ov acient egipth and the plase ov acient egipth

  9. joyce1 said:

    The pyramid s were tombs when a phaorh dies the Egyptians will put the body in they tombs and buried them in they pyramids

  10. alyson1 said:

    In ancient Egypt pharaohs were buried in tombs.
    At the top was the pharaoh,on the next floor was the priests , on the next floor was the scribes and on the bottom was the soldiers who were trained well . Underneath the pyramids were the citizens and under them were the slaves who kept the pyramids standing

  11. nicolas1 said:

    In class we have learnt that in upper Egypt the king wore a red crown, in lower Egypt he wore a white crown and the king of all Egypt wore both crown. They wrote in hieroglyphics.

  12. adannaya1 said:

    In Ancient Egypt the things that come to my mind are Desserts, Pyramids and The famous River Nile.
    The Pharaohs in Egypt would wear the Lower Egypt crown or the Upper Egypt crown. Sometimes the very important Pharaohs would wear both but they were put into 1 single crown. The River Nile was one of the most important things in Egypt. It provided water, food and fertile mud to grow crops with. The River Nile was also an excellent way of travelling to trade food jewellery and goods.

  13. emilola1 said:

    The Indus River only flows once a year like the Nile river.

    I remember learning about The Pyramids At Giza.

    I also Know that the pyramids were big tombs for Pharoas and their families,another fact is the pyramids were held up by slaves!

  14. theodosia1 said:

    If you were in the upper Egypt you will wear a red crown,but if you were in the lower Egypt you will wear a whit crown,and if you were in the middle of Egypt you will wear a red and whit crown.

  15. jazmine1 said:

    The pharaoh ruling upper Egypt has a white crown and the one ruling lower Egypt has a red crown but the pharaoh ruling all of Egypt has both of the crowns. The pharaoh is at the top of the social pyramid the second set of people at the top of the social pyramid are the priests the third set of people are the scribes and the fourth are the set of people the soldiers at the bottom of the pyramid are the tradors and craftsmen but at the very, very bottom are the peasants and slaves.

  16. brendon1 said:

    PHAROS were like a king and were Worshiped as the Gods but the life of the a GOD wasn’t easy. THE PHAROS HAD LOTS OF HARD work to do so THE ACIENT EGYPTIANS and the animals will survive and the PHARO has other hard work to do.

  17. naomim1 said:

    around 3 thousand bc king meanes create capitals in menthas which unifid the upper and lower Egypt. the symbol of the upper Egypt is a white crown and for lower Egypt a red crown then the double crowns of the pharaoh was created.

  18. hadrian1 said:

    Ancient Egyptians believed that Pharaoh is the living Horus and rules over the upper and lower parts of Egypt.Also they believed that Ra the sun god was one of the most powerful gods of Egypt.The crown of upper Egypt is white and the ruler of the lower crown is red. The pyramid at Giza is among the Nile River.

  19. Misha Harris said:

    There are three chambers in the pyramid of Giza the underground chamber the queens chamber and at the very top of the pyramid the kings chamber It is believed that the under ground chamber stores art work the queens chamber there is tons of art work millions of gems and mummified bodies.

    Now this is the main part what is inside the kings chamber this is the main part because the pharaoh-king is everything to Egypt so here is what is inside the camber

    barges, round tables, mummies, food, thrones and lots more which archaeologists And as archaeologists say

    days weeks months years centuries go by we still have lots to discover.

  20. Celine Lartey said:

    I know that the river Nile provided food, water,
    paper and sand and they help them from intruders and if the River Niles help them they will help the Rive Niles too.

  21. deana1 said:

    Ancient Egyptian pharaohs owned all the wealth and treasures. They were worshiped as gods but the life of the pharaoh was not simple.

    1.They had to maintain orders.
    2.control the economy..
    3.Controlthe seasons and the movement of the planet.

  22. Sienna Vazquez Armoa said:

    The slaves did holds the pyramids all the way at the bottem.

  23. josephb1 said:

    I remember speaking about the different types if gods that they had, I remember that the River Nile is the longest River in the world its 6,500 KM long.

  24. martim1 said:

    I remember that the River Nile was life for them because it helped them travel,water,food such as fish and helped them grow a tree called papaya.

  25. ivo1 said:

    In topic we are learning about the pyramid at GIZZA and the famous king kufu.He was mummified in a pyramid.

  26. Misha Harris said:

    Fun fact:Tutakhamun became pharaoh at the age of 9.

  27. hadrian1 said:

    Ancient Egyptian believe in many gods like Ra, Bastet and Horus.

  28. Misha Harris said:

    There is a dessert called the SAHARA dessert in EGYPT.

  29. Misha Harris said:

    Did you know the Giza pyramids are one of the seven wonders of the world

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