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Anti-Bullying Week shines a spotlight on bullying and encourages all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year. The theme this year is ‘All Different, All Equal’ with the aims:


This Anti-Bullying Week we want to:

  • empower children and young people to celebrate what makes them, and others, unique

  • help children and young people understand how important it is that every child feels valued and included in school, able to be themselves, without fear of bullying
  • encourage parents and carers to work with their school and talk to their children about bullying, difference and equality
  • enable teachers and other children’s workforce professionals to celebrate what makes us ‘all different, all equal’ and celebrate difference and equality. Encouraging them to take individual and collective action to prevent bullying, creating safe environments where children can be themselves.

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  1. Misha Harris said:

    All different

    All equal

    All friends


  2. Misha Harris said:

    Hi guys this is so annoying man that’s Googleknow how I said In my last comment about cyber bullying well cyber despite as face to face bullying but the difference between the two types of bullying are that cyber bullying us held through out the Internet but cyber bullying is dangerous because they have been incidents where people have been sending life threatening comments which people have been following and sometimes even dying.

    now here are some top tips to keep you safe from sinet Internet life-threatening disasters
    now here are some top tips to keep you safe

    1. never give anyone your phone number address date of birth school name your personal name where you live and last but not least any names off

    2. never never answer people’s horrible and horrifying words don’t even say hi or even it’s polite never answer because you never know who how or when he’s or she is going say anything throw back some outrageous words Mark my words.

    3. think then click this is extremely important even for geniuses at computer or anything which is related to iPads phones Xboxes PS4 TVs laptops wi u Nintendo’s 3DS and any technological devices.

    Plus keep in mind even on wi us Xboxes PS4 Nintendo 3DS horrible words and phrases and texst

  3. Misha Harris said:

    There are two types of bullying face to face bullying and cyber bullying but we are focusing on face to face bullying so let’s hang on about cyber bullying and focus on face to face bullying.

    So let me get something strait what is bullying your asking? well bullying is when your being mean or showing physical activity to someone.

    First about word bullying word bullying is when you say mean unkind and horrible words to someone and if you think racist ism is bullying is nor and plus it belongs to a different category so font mind about that.

    Now on to physical activity bullying now this very very serious physical activity bullying is when you punch, kick or do anything which hurts a person.But if you do it as a adult you can get arrested for a matter of years but still it is horrible and you can get into trouble so don’t get involved in fights or anything like that. But if thing happens to you first say stop about five times but if they don’t tell a adult ((plus you should do this to face to face bullying As well)) it so so so important to tell an adult because they can deal with the problem keep in mind bullying can happen any were any time any day so be prepared. KEEP CALM AND STOP BULLYING. Thank you for reading this?.MISHA

  4. alyson1 said:

    Never treat anyone differently no matter what because we’re all equal.

  5. hadrian1 said:

    Thre are 2 types of bullying we can do to a person and will make him fell deverstated.Physical bullying is when you buly someone with your body for exsample if you push,punch,kick,pinch someone that is called physical bullying. Verbal bullyinging is when you swaire to each another and God wants us to live in harmony.

  6. hadrian1 said:

    Antibullying is when you are not bullying.we should not bully because we should be more like Jesus christ. We are all different but we are equal. No one should bully anyone because we we are all special in our own way.As christians we should try to be a good person and follow in the saint’s footsteps.There are 2 types of bullying.Physical bullying is when you are bullying someone with your body and actions.Verbal bullying is when you bully someone with your words.It does’nt matter if you are a man,woman,boy or girl we are unique in our own way.It does’nt matter whats on the outside but whats on the insside counts.We come from different conteries but all believe in christ.Why bully if you dont have a reason or explanation to why you were bullying others.Dont bully anyone because you dont want someone to be mean to you.Antibullying is the opposite of bullying.

  7. delina1 said:

    Anti bullying is when we don,t be rude or mean to people. We should not be rude to people even when it is not anti bullying week.We as a catholic and respectful school should not be mean to other people.We should always be a loving and caring School.Everybody in the school should have a friend.Young children should be able to ask older children if they can play with out being afraid of being bulled.

  8. alyson1 said:

    We must remember that
    we are all different yet all equal.

  9. deana1 said:

    Bullying is bad because it makes others feel sad and lonely.

  10. alyson1 said:

    If we all work together as a team we will be able to make sure there is no more bullying.

    To stop bullying we must treat each other equally, work together, not leave anyone out of a game or any other thing,
    empower children to celebrate their qualities, make sure everyone feels valued, try not to be a bully ourselves, play with people who are lonely,

    treat everyone kindly like you’d like to be treated, be as kind as possible if someone bullies you need to tell your class teacher and

    remember that we’re all different yet all equal.

  11. martim1 said:

    We should all be friends and treat everyone like they treat you.

    Don’t let anyone feel left out and play with them, don’t let them feel lonely.

    To stop the bullying from happening we must be kind and nice to people to try and stop people from bullying or tell the teacher about it.

  12. hadrian1 said:

    Anti-bullying the opposite of bullying. Physical bullying when you are bullying someone with your bodies. We should not bully others so everybody feels valuable. Don’t let anyone feel left out because you wouldn’t like it if you were left out. All of us are valuable in our own way. It doesn’t matter if you are a boy or girl because we are all equal in our very own way. Verbal bullying is when you bully someone with your word.

  13. theodosia1 said:

    Some people have friends in the wold but some don’t have friends and that what anti bullying is for to help the wold be a better place for us people.

  14. josephb1 said:

    Always tell your parents about anti bullying and your friends because they might not know about it.

  15. deana1 said:

    Always make others feel happy and not be mean to others.

    Always respect and do not be rude.

    Be fair to others and they will be fair to you.

    Treat others with loyalty.

    Think about your actions before you do something.

    Love one another and don’t disobey people.

    Always be kind.

  16. emilola1 said:


  17. isabellas1 said:

    We shall not push anyone. No One Likes A Bully at school at home at the park at a restaurant or anywhere you go. A bully is a unkind person or chid or baby so stay away from people like that or you mite get hurt by someone like that.

  18. nicolas1 said:

    Don’t bully be kind. don’t leave anyone left out or lonely. Lets put an end to bullying by being kind, friendly, sharing, saying nice things and helping others.

  19. emilola1 said:

    we can find away to not get bullied by sticking up for ourselves when we are being bullied or we can tell a teacher.

    We can stop others being bullied by sticking up for them or try telling the teacher or when they start bullying you, ignore them and walk away with your friend who was being bullied.

  20. naomim1 said:


  21. adannaya1 said:

    Anti bullying week is a chance to be yourself and not to get upset by people who are mean on the internet.

    We can always stop ourselves from being bullied on the internet by telling an adult what is wrong or by blocking who ever is making you sad.

    This week we should all try to stop people from getting bullied on the internet by cheering them up and making them happy.

    WE could get into trouble by internet bullying because you make others upset we should never bully our friends as you would not like them to do it to you.

    If we don’t bully our friends then why should we bully people we don’t know? I suggest that tis week and forever we should be kind on the internet.


    IF you see others that are getting bullied then help them don’t just sit there and watch them get bullied.


  22. naomim1 said:

    we should not bully others because you can hurt their feelings and it is not just you who has feeling for yourself.


    always have others sides and never ever let someone bully you.


    if you start bulling someone I suggest you should not even get in the drama of bulling others.


    you could also get in a lot of trouble for instance you could get into trouble with the police.


    being a bully makes you fall OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS. that’s why I say ”never be a bully”.e all know what we can go through but….


  23. josephb1 said:

    If people are getting bullied always come for the them and say to them “never be rude to people always be kind to them.”

  24. jazmine1 said:

    Anti bullying is important because some people get teased by how they look or how they are. It is important that everybody has a friend to play with they should also feel unique and valueable. It would not be fair if someone got a piece of candy and the others did not if someone gets a piece of candy the others should to so then it will be fair. here are some examples you should not do: tease,judge,say rude things to each other,shout at each other,not share and be nasty

  25. theodosia1 said:

    Anti – Bulling week is a great thing because it
    tells young people like me not to bully other people and how to be a good friend.

  26. josephb1 said:

    anti bullying week is when we encourage people.

  27. emilola1 said:

    I love my friends and would NEVER bully or hurt them.

  28. deana1 said:

    We shouldn’t be rude or hurtful to others because it can hurt other people’s feelings and no one will like you so we shouldn’t do it because it is bad and we should be equal to each other and be happy for people and just all be friends.

  29. josephb1 said:

    Anti bullying week is when we be kind to each other and we don’t bully even though its not your friend you should always try to be kind to each over so we can be happy but not sad.

  30. nicolas1 said:

    We should all be friends and care for each other. We should all treat each other kindly and lets stop bullying.

  31. isabellas1 said:

    We shouldn’t leave our friends out and we shall always play with new people and people who don’t have friends evan at the park or were ever you are. You shall not bully kids younger or older you should respect everyone in the world.

  32. emilola1 said:

    Be kind and never bully people or when you see someone being bullied don’t walk away because you wouldn’t like it if that happened to you.

  33. josephb1 said:

    We should not bully other people because people might be scared and they could cry so you should always be kind to each other and look out for them.

  34. emilola1 said:

    This Anti bullying week help young people understand it is not right to bully.

  35. Chima Mbah said:

    anti bullying mean when you help children and young people.

  36. Chima Mbah said:

    anti bullying mean when you encourage parents and carers to work with their school and talk to their children about bullying difference and equality.

  37. gabriela1 said:

    Antibullying week is when we help people and being kind to other people and play with your friends.

  38. pilar1 said:

    Antibullying week is when you should be kind to people.

    you shouldn’t bully people because everyone has a spotlight that shines out of them even you.

  39. brendon1 said:

    bullying is bad because it hurts people and causes pain and its being naughty and bad

  40. Sienna Vazquez Armoa said:

    Bulling should not a good thing everyone should kind and everyone should take part.

  41. Fechi said:

    Anti bulling is when we don’t be mean to people

  42. joyce1 said:

    Anti Bulling are all different and all equal.

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