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What is electricity?

Name some things that work with electricity?

What are some dangers of electricity?



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  1. Misha Harris said:

    Electricity is essential same as the I phone x

  2. alyson1 said:

    We wouldn’t have tv without electricity.

  3. Misha Harris said:

    I mean we can’t live without ELECTRICITY!

  4. isabellas1 said:

    Electricity is a source of light.
    Something that works with light is lamps, toaster, microwave, fridge.
    Some of the dangers of electricity is electric shoke, tripp.

  5. Misha Harris said:

    But there are guitars called electric guitars but how do guitars have something to do with electricity?

  6. Gina Iturralde Hernandez said:

    Electrity is like youre phone youre computer or a charger to charge youre phone or computer or ipad.Tere are many electricul things a charger a phone a ipad a computer. Do not put a nife on the toster that is vary dangres and an other danger is do not put a pen or pensul in the sucits.

  7. Chima Mbah said:

    you can get an electric shock

  8. Chima Mbah said:

    electricity is a type of energy

  9. Chima Mbah said:

    socket,toaster,sink and bathroom

  10. Misha Harris said:

    Here’s a paragraph to inform you about electricity


    1.sometimes our life depends on electricity because when it’s dark outside how can we see well electricity powered street lamps so we can see in the dark.

    2.Well how about TV,lamps, ovens microwaves,fridges, mixers, toasters,x – box,stoves, kettles, showers bathtubs and lots more!

    Ok but electricity can be dangerous in some ways like some objects have maximum 1000 volts with power like that you will die! Children and adults be mindful with electricity and have fun

    thank you for reading my paragraph

  11. khalil1 said:

    1) Electricity is energy or power .

    2) Examples of things that use electricity are
    A oven,microwave, light bulb and Tv.

    3) Don’t put a knife into a toaster,Don’t leave a drink near electricity because it will blow up or give you an electric shock.

  12. hadrian1 said:

    A danger of electricity is getting shocked after you stick a knife in a toaster.

  13. Sienna Vazquez Armoa said:

    Never stick anything into the hole of a socket

  14. delina1 said:

    Electricity is a type of battery or socket.iPad,phons,toys are some things that work With electricity. These are some of the dangers of electricity tv,radio,wires.

  15. deana1 said:

    the dangers of electricity is don’t put anything in a socket it can be very dangerous

  16. pilar1 said:

    Electricity is a power that makes things work.

    Like hair dryer , vacum clener ,computarand a frigde.

    You could die.

  17. martim1 said:

    1. Electricity is a source of power that provides power to something.
    2. TV, computers, light bulbs and radios.
    3. If your not careful you can get electrocuted, it could cause a fire and your fingers could get trapped in a plug.

  18. adannaya1 said:

    1.Electericity is the flow of electrons through a conductor.
    2.A lamp,lights,Tv,Automatic door.
    3.You could get an electric shock from touching a socket with wet skin.
    I love the game miss.

  19. celinel1 said:

    Electricity is a thing that charges stuff like you phone,
    Computer, remote, TVs, and light bulbs.
    Some dangers are when you charge your phone and leve the cable one the floor you can trip and get shot .

  20. josephb1 said:

    Some dangers that can be used for electricity are sockets,cables and toasters.

  21. josephb1 said:

    things that can be used for electricity is sockets,light,charges and phones

  22. josephb1 said:

    electricity is very strong power that is dangerous.

  23. naomim1 said:

    You should never put small pieces in the socket

  24. Nicolas Labazuy said:

    Some things that use electricity are:phones ,tablets,laptops,telsovisions. Should always dry yourself before you touch a socket.

  25. alyson1 said:

    Electricity is a power source that charges things and switches things on.

    Phones,computors,televions,some toys,Ipads,remotes,radios,light bulbs,lamps and clocks all work with electricity.

    Two dangers are if you don’t dry yourself before touching a switch or anything electrical you could get shocked or even eletrocuted and if you stick anything in a toaster you could also get a shock.

  26. hadrian1 said:

    Things that work with electricity are toaster,phones and TVs.

  27. joyce1 said:

    Electricity is all around us-powering technology like our cell phone computers light soldering irons and air conditioners. iron phone telephone and a laptop

  28. Misha Harris said:

    Here are some top tips to keep you safe

    1. Never leave a cable just lying on the ground because you can trip over and the cable might brake and you might get electric shot

  29. Misha Harris said:

    Some dangers of electricity are ,

    1.a object could hold over 1000 witch causes many deaths

    2.if a broken cable is dropped into the water and someone got into the water

  30. jazmine1 said:

    Electricity is a source of power to charge or power things. computers ,laptops, ipad, tv, toaster, radiator, cellphones,heat,air conditioner,lights,refrigerator,freezer fridge,kettle,internet mp player microwave microphone,fans stereo,music,eletric scooters,fans.
    shocks ands faults fires ands explosions.

  31. hadrian1 said:

    The dangers of electricity are you might get shocked and your heart will stop pumpingalso whatever shocked you will not let go of it.

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