What facts have you learnt from this Safer Internet Day 2018 video?

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  1. adannaya1 said:

    1.I think the first message would make me feel upset because the person doesn’t have the right to tell you if you are ugly or pretty. You just need to listen to what you think you are not any one else. We are all unique in different ways so the people who are mean could bjust be jelous. We should all be aloud to do whatever we want with filters.

    2.If someone sent me the second message I would fell a little bit shocked that someone thought that they could send that to me because everyone has a different way of playing the game. You don’t know if the person is jealous of you and how you play.

  2. naomim1 said:

    1. You only use filters because your ugly
    I’d say you should ignore what people say about you because you are perfect the way God made you . You should just keep away from people who are bullying you or someone.

    2.why do you even play because your useless
    You should not listen again because if your not good at it God made you like that You are good at anything and your bad at anything

  3. hadrian1 said:

    you should tell an adult if someone is being rude to you online.

  4. emilola1 said:

    I have learnt to ignore rude messages and block the sender!!!

    I have also learnt not to send a silly picture of my friend without their permission!

  5. theodosia1 said:

    I have learnt from this video is when you get an unkind message you can just tell someone you trust like your mum or dad about the message or tell child line or block the sender!!

  6. alyson1 said:

    I have learnt that we should not be bullying other children . I have also learnt that although we are not face to face that doesn’t mean it won’t hurt someone’s feelings.

  7. martim1 said:

    Don’t worry about what people say mean to you just carry on doing what you.

  8. deana1 said:

    I have learnt that bullying is not okay and that we shouldn’t do it or encourage other people to cooperate because it can offense other people/children and hurt others very badly. we can call child line to help us figure out bullying situations when in need. we can trust an adult or parent.

  9. celinel1 said:

    I have learnt that if you be rude to other you will make them upset and angry and it is not nice because your not being nice to others.

  10. pilar1 said:

    Be kind and play fair.
    Share with respect.
    Don`t say mean things about other people
    e.g you are ugly ,your useless.
    If somebody ask you to share their picture you shoulden`t share it because he might not whant people to see.

  11. Delina Mulugheta said:

    I have learnt that if anyone is bullying you should tell an adult or block them.You should just ignore bullying because it might upset you.

  12. isabellas1 said:

    I learnt that you have to ignore mean comments from people you don’t know.

  13. Chima Mbah said:

    what I’ve learnt that if people call you ugly is not true.

  14. jazmine1 said:

    The facts I have learnt are that if someone says something mean about you, you should tell an adult or teacher. I have also learnt that you should be kind and respect others but you should not bully people even if they are different. If somebody told me why bother playing your useless I would block them and play a different game.

  15. joyce1 said:

    I think that if someone text me like I don’t like you I will call the Internet Police.

    Be kind and play fair.
    share with respect.

  16. Fechi said:

    when people is being men you should block them

  17. Cristina Mollo said:

    I have learnt that you never be sad because if they say that you are ugly that is not true and that you olwais got to tall a parent or a teacher

  18. Sienna Vazquez Armoa said:

    you need to be safe online.These are some rules of staying safe online.1think before you write 2 don’t open emails form people you don’t know 3 don’t arrange metings with people you don’t know 4 DONT BULLY.

  19. gabriela1 said:

    If it was me I will ignor it and I will not even responed to it.

  20. nicolas1 said:

    If it happened to me I would just block them and report them. sometimes I leave to get into a new server or play another game.

  21. ivo1 said:

    I learnt that if people are rude online you should not be rude back and if they hurt your feeling tell a teacher your mum dad or a person that you trust.

  22. josephb1 said:

    I learnt that you should never be rude online, you have to respect people, if someone is bullying you, you block them or get out of the game.

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