Can you write in English what have we learnt so far in Spanish? Can you give some examples?


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  1. jazmine1 said:

    We have learn the fruits, the masculine and feminine and also plural and singular.

  2. naomim1 said:

    I really enjoy Spanish

  3. alyson1 said:

    We have learnt and recaped the items of clothing like a dress is which called a vestido,
    trousers which are pantalones and skirts which is falda.

    The in Spanish is el.
    Which is masculine.

  4. hadrian1 said:

    We have learnt about la ropa,macculine and femernine.Also we have learnt about numbers and colours.

  5. deana1 said:

    I have learnt about fruits and colours of our hair and masculine and famine.

  6. adannaya1 said:

    We have learnt masculine and feminine words in Spanish. We also learnt a morning and evening song became it is one of our targets.I love Spanish.

  7. delina1 said:

    We haVe learnt about singler and plural.

  8. josephb1 said:

    We have learnt how to sing the morning song.

  9. hadrian1 said:

    The things we have leant in Spanish are the fruits,numbers and the morning,afternoon,evening song.

  10. Misha Harris said:

    We have learnt about singular and plural, fruits good morning good afternoon and good night and lots more.

    • mrsdiaz said:

      Muy bien, Misha.

      We have learn about how nouns can be singular and plural, feminine and masculine. We have also learnt about the article “the” in Spanish which is????

      Can you tell me how do we say “the” in Spanish?

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