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Do you recognise it? It is our morning song. Remember one of your targets is to know one Spanish song. It could be this one!


This is the song we use to congratulate our friends in their birthday!

39 Responses to “Spanish”

  1. Fechi said:

    Hola mis diaz


    Is me

    Faniz naviad

  2. gabriela1 said:

    miss diaz you have very good songs

  3. Fechi said:

    Hola mis diaz

  4. gabriela1 said:

    feliz navidad miss Diaz

  5. Chima Mbah said:

    feliz navidad Miss Diaz

  6. hadrian1 said:

    Hola Serona Diaz

    I memorized the christmas and morning song!
    I love them both.

  7. josephb1 said:

    Hola, Mrs Diaz.

  8. josephb1 said:

    Mrs Diaz I recognize all these songs and its really good!

  9. josephb1 said:

    I liked the Christmas music

  10. martim1 said:

    Hola Miss Diaz I love these songs we sing they are cool!

  11. khalil1 said:

    Hola mrs diaz,
    what is your favorite song I like merry chritmas and amigo.

    adios mrs diaz

    • mrsdiaz said:

      Good question. It is going to be Christmas soon, so I really like the Christmas song because is in Spanish and English. I really like the music!!!

  12. alyson1 said:

    We will be able to say times of the day.

    Gracias Senora Diaz.

  13. Chima Mbah said:

    hola miss diaz.

  14. Fechi said:

    I really love the song because it helps me with my Spanish and learning.

  15. Gina Iturralde Hernandez said:

    I love the brthday song very much

  16. Gina Iturralde Hernandez said:

    Hola Miss Diaz

  17. Misha Harris said:

    If I go to Spain with the help of this song I will be able to say good morning good afternoon and good night to my Spanish friends!

  18. pilar1 said:

    Liked the happy birthday song.

  19. Misha Harris said:

    Buenos dias como e stay this song really helps me!

  20. hadrian1 said:

    Hola Miss Diaz I really like the song.

  21. naomim1 said:

    I heard all songs
    They were really good

  22. Sienna Vazquez Armoa said:

    Hoal miss Diaz I really like your songs chaw

  23. delina1 said:

    I remember the song miss

    • mrsdiaz said:

      That’s our objective. At least one of them: to remember some vocabulary of the song! Well done!

  24. deana1 said:

    si señorita!recuerdo esta canción!

  25. adannaya1 said:

    I sang both of the songs miss .

  26. celinel1 said:

    Hola miss I listens to the song and love it .

  27. jazmine1 said:

    I still remember the morning song we sing at the begining of the spanish lesson.

  28. alyson1 said:

    Hola Miss Diaz

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